Monday, September 15, 2014

The Missing Piece

The best laid plans of mice and artists! So I knew where to find my watercolours and where to find my brushes. I knew where to find the paintings on which I was working. I even had the lights and the water in place. Can you tell what is missing in the image above? So what does one do when something is missing? Rant and rave? I used to. This time I sighed and stepped back. There was no point in continuing in the direction I had planned so what next? While doing something else I will find what I need. There are only about fifty boxes to unpack and put away. Putting away is a little difficult at this point as the storage shelves are not in place. That is it! Install some storage. Since I really did not want to add sawdust to the atmosphere in my studio and it was raining I decided to go with the steel units which would fit nicely beside the large door opening to the west. As the pieces were rather heavy I chose to take them apart, move them to the location, move the boxes that were in the way and reconstruct them on the spot. Once set is now bolted into the wall. The second set is in bits all over the floor. I have not figured out how to level the footing as they have been cut at different heights against the holes through which I install the bolts. I might just use a little wood under the offending shorts. Have you figured out what is missing?.... Life is so good.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Studio Workspace
I am not as young as I used to be. By the time we had everything in my studio/gallery I was ready for bed. There is nothing wrong with taking a nap in the afternoon; in fact it is necessary at times. Taking care of me allows me to function more efficiently later. Later meant returning the moving van. I must admit I am not quite so enthusiastic about driving a twenty-foot truck as in my former days. I am thankful I did not hit anything although there may be some new scratches on the roof. Alleyway trees are not as well pruned as those on the street. Twenty feet is long. Every time my husband indicated that I had backed the required distance I was ready to go another ten feet at least. I am not used to leaving a vehicle hanging out in the middle of the road or blocking it entirely. There was one huge advantage to this particular van: a lift. The heavy stuff, and there is a lot of heavy stuff, easily made the distance between the ground and the truck bed. The heavy-duty dolly also helped enormously. The rest was muscle and the crew took care of that. All I need now is a little rearranging…

Monday, September 1, 2014

Creating an Eye

I had forgotten about using the preliminary sketches for “Proceed” as instruction tools. Above you see the results of combining the two photos. Light is always tricky unless the two references are in the same light, which they were not. Finding the balance between the composition, in this case the figure should be lighter than the surroundings, and the point where the object looks like it fits into the scene, is a challenge. Sometimes it requires input from fresh eyes. Getting together with other artists who are willing to critique work honestly and generously is invaluable. We meet approximately once per month although I am not sure that will be possible this month. One of us is into harvesting, the other teaching, yet another travelling and I am moving. The storm is brewing. This week is moving week. It has been a long time in the making and my studio/gallery is finally complete. There are still a lot of finishing touches to be done yet it is time to relocate from my present rented space. Renovating and relocating are both nerve stressors. Combine them and there is a need to create an eye in the storm. My usual eye is immersion into paint. I will do some of that today. As the window closes on the opportunity I will move into inner stillness through prayer. Hug a tree and move forward. Life is good.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Invitation: to Appreciate

I thought I would give you a sneak preview into my upcoming show in November. The two paintings I have used to teach a few watercolour pointers over the last little while are “Invitation: to Appreciate” and “Invitation: to Commune”. Part of the process in completing a painting for me is determining when to stop. Sometimes I bring my work to a small group of artists whom I trust and who have the distance from the work to see small adjustments which improve the image immeasurably. Following the critique I consider the suggestions and make the changes I think appropriate. Of late, that means retaking the photos of my work and reinstalling them on my computer so they are ready for advertising and submission purposes. During the last session I dropped my camera. Always a good thing to do with a camera! I continued taking pictures as a little spark accompanied the press of the button and the image showed up differently on the viewfinder. This morning I put them on my computer and discovered each photo needed more tweeking than usual. I am thankful for digital images. Life is so good.

Invitation: To Appreciate

requires time, awareness, peace.
Open hearts behold.

Invitation: apprécier

Être présent avec
le coeur ouvert est la base