Monday, April 14, 2014


Someone told me recently that I move through life in constant creation. There is not a moment when my mind is idle from fanciful imaginings. Lately I have been imaging in unusual ways. Creating includes sewing curtains and talking to contractors. The messy business of deconstructing and reconstructing will soon begin. I am refashioning my sacred space. There is a danger in losing my way through the rubble. I am thankful for the many opportunities I have to submit proposals for exhibitions and to participate in local group showings. Today I will organize yet another cover letter and the varied documentation which accompanies each tender.  I will practice the songs for Holy Thursday celebrations. As I do not have the skill to play a musical instrument my practice will consist of memorizing the verses… I am thankful for deadlines too. The show in November in CAVA demands production. This time it will be watercolours. The studio schedule begins next week. This week I am recreating comfortable spaces for our renters. I take pleasure in creativity, no matter what form it takes. Life is good.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Teaching Again

It has been a while. The Redwater Art Society reminded me how much fun it is. I threw a phenomenal array of mixed media techniques at them before we sat down for lunch. The afternoon was spent putting some of the techniques into practice. Throughout the process we lost track of the colours with which we began. Some of us had quite a bit of paint on surfaces other than the canvas! Oh, that is right, we never did get to the canvas… Control, or lack of control, ruled the day. I was asked several times if a certain colour or procedure would be appropriate. I always replied in the affirmative. Anything goes when fun is king. I suspect the constant flux in my life is teaching me how to accept what I cannot change, how to release expectations that really get in the way of being present to the moment, and how to savour the laughter, the joy and the affirmation of our common creativity. We are all artists in one form or another. Delight comes when we can include all forms. Life is good.

Monday, March 31, 2014


Wine Helps!
Our world is made of metamorphosis. In a constant state of change we, as human beings, remain constant also: in various degrees of total resistance. Transition brings us to new places and new thoughts. We have a choice to accept and grow or resist bitterly. The act of acceptance and growth is really dying to an old understanding and usually a limited perception. So what does this have to do with art? Artists have the wonderful advantage of receiving growing opportunities every time they enter the studio. Knowing this does not really help me at the moment. I am in a state of transition. The last few months have been delightful in my total immersion in studio work to prepare for and entertain my solo show. I feel complete in that wholesome environment, that sacred space. I understand the wisdom of painting every day. My engagements with the brush however seem to come in clumps. This interlude includes much that has nothing to do with canvas. We are renovating. We are in the process of deciding what those renovations will look like and driving the bidding contractors and ourselves crazy… Once they are done I will be moving my studio into my own. So good. In the meantime how do I transition into acceptance and growth? Resistance comes naturally. Studio withdrawal has set in. Somewhere in the chaos I need a few king pins of routine. Again I am grateful for deadlines. I have another show coming up in November and I cannot repeat the same paintings I am showing in my solo at present. So…. All is well and all will be well as I choose the dates with my brushes, this time, watercolour brushes. Life is good.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Last Minute

There is always something to do in the last minute. In fact some people rely on the last minute to get anything done! My solo show was quite different in that respect for me. I had things under control about two weeks before the delivery date. At least I thought so. I am not so good with the business side of things; although I did do a lot better on the advertising there still is room for a copious amount of improvement. For example I received an email from a wonderful reporter for a local newspaper wondering when I might be ready to let him know about the upcoming show…. That was on Monday. Sigh. I did not contact the other media even then… Sigh again. It is a Freudian slip showing I prefer being a hermit. Of course that does not sell paintings. All in all the reception was remarkable in that so many people did attend and so many of them wanted to stay longer than usual. Some promised to return with someone else so they could contemplate the paintings more intensely. My work does inspire contemplation. I suspect that is because it is a product of contemplation. I love what I do. Life is good.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Books, Bubbles and Betterment

This is the week! I deliver my paintings to the gallery on Wednesday and my opening is on Saturday between one and four in the afternoon. So exciting! To commemorate this momentous event I have created a book of all the images that will appear in the show. There are some people who wish to buy all of them and this is one way they can. The books will be available for sale at the opening and I will have some order forms there for those who wish to purchase as well. Bubbles, well, I wanted two other words that started with B. And if I stretch things I could say there are a lot of circles in my work, circles looking like bubbles in fact. They create an awesome amount of energy and help with the movement of the eye around the paintings. Betterment, there is nothing better than creative work to loose preconceived notions and get one on a path to openness and surrender. I so love what I do! Life is good.
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