Monday, April 20, 2015


Competition usually means winners and losers. Our society seems to base the measurement of success on this concept of either/or, black/white, win/lose, survival of the fittest so to speak. It is how our politics, our economics and our religions for the most part function much to the detriment of our world on so many levels. There are pockets of cooperation emerging in the scientific and spiritual realms though and this is good news. Another arena of cooperation is found in the artistic world. Generally speaking artists love to share and to help each other along the way. Take the latest “Artist for the Year” competition put on by Pardee Art Trends Gallery. Several of us were voting for each other’s work, pushing the numbers up and encouraging a spirit of camaraderie. We laughed, we cried, we so enjoyed the ride. This is the kind of world in which I choose to live: one in which all people win. What a concept! And, yes, while only a few came out with a monetary prize, the rest of us found joy in what we do and how we live. Life is good.

The results: Pardee took the site down before I could get an idea of who won. I believe I came in about ninth. For more accurate statistics we will have to wait for 20th June when Art in the Park opens.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Points of View

The opening reception for “Invitations” at The Bookstore was a blast. There were a constant round of visitors to keep me busy and entertained! Thank you to all who attended. I also really appreciated the wonderful hostess and photographer help from my daughter, Anna. She did a great job filling glasses and taking pictures while complaining about how hard my camera is to hold steady. As the afternoon progressed a few new insights came forth. One of the most interesting was the way the paintings changed with different points of view. Usually patrons wander around from one to the next in a standing position. Some dally a little longer than others; some are more pressed for time. On this occasion several people took advantage of the comfortable armchairs made available by The Bookstore and discovered an easier passage into the images around them most of which offer a peaceful and joyful ambiance. With this in mind do drop in and rest your feet while contemplating colourful moments captured in paint. The show runs to the 4th May. The address is: 7 Perron St., St. Albert.

Monday, April 6, 2015


The warmer weather heralds the changing seasons as more enormous snowflakes descend from the sky. It is lovely if we can see beyond our desire for green. The green is coming. We can see it in the grass already. Renewed life. That is what Easter is all about. In this new season, in this new year, I have a new goal: to live serenely with my imperfections so that those around me find safe refuge in my presence.* I almost managed last night. While preparing some icing for the cakes I did get angry… it is all about perfection! I had dumped in the icing sugar and the margarine when I noticed some flour on the mixer. I had forgotten to wash it before hand. Ordinarily this would not be a problem except I was preparing the icing for some gluten free, dairy free cupcakes. Deciding not to waste the preparations I dumped in more icing sugar for the carrot cake, having in mind some cream cheese embellishments. The chocolate powder was there. Handy. I dumped in a scoop then I leaned on the sink trying to decide what to do with four cups of chocolatized icing sugar. Of course, my concerned husband asked me what was wrong. At that point I made a discovery about myself. If given enough time I can actually calm down enough to speak rationally. Explaining my mistake just adds fuel to the fire. My sojourn at the sink had helped enormously. In any case the chocolate icing was finished. My daughter said she could use it and took it home. I washed the machine, finished the “free” icing, made the cream cheese version and sat down to enjoy the card game… Life is good.   

*Adapted from a quote by St. Thérèse de Lisieux

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I have been having too much fun lately. Perhaps it is because spring is in the air. Winter is losing its hold, the sun is out, the streets are running with melted snow and everyone is getting a little more vitamin D. On the other hand some people make the day brighter just by their presence. The Redwater Art Society is one group of people made up of a special kind of enthusiasm, engaging repartee, a touch of teasing and sincere caring that makes living so much easier. We have a blast every time we get together and last Thursday/Friday was no exception. Reportedly I was teaching new skills in the construction of a landscape with acrylics. We pushed some paint around, laughed a lot and connected in the mutual love affair in which we all share: the creative process. I learned a lot. Certainly my ambition this summer is to use the warm days and the beautiful river valley to practice what I taught. Perhaps I will get better at it! Life is so good. 

Don't forget to drop in on my latest show at The Bookstore, 7 Perron St., St. Albert AB. The opening reception is booked for the 11th April between 1pm and 4pm. Would love to see you!.

Monday, March 23, 2015


I bought some new paint. Sooo fun!! There is a plethora of new media: interference, iridescence, and duochromes, in watercolours these days. I am in the process of discovering how to use these additions to my repertoire. As I splash and thrash I have come upon another realization: my experimental watercolours are looking a lot like my mixed media projects. Could it be an emerging style? Ooooh. Who knows where this might lead? The experimentation is another distraction of course. The mixed media is brooding on the easel over there, having a tantrum, because it is not a happy camper. There is something not quite right. Have not decided what it is yet so slopping around in watercolour is providing the required space to muse. And I do like a lot of what is happening on the paper. Paper is so much fun. It has a mind of its own. Life is so good.