Monday, February 1, 2016

Fundraisers or Working Under Pressure

I really do not know how well the fundraiser for the Lois Hole Hospital went. I do know I had a blast. It was so much fun working with two models at the same time. The up close part was a little difficult as the perspective was not the usual being that I was looking up thereby making the heads a lot smaller than what is typically expected. In the end eliminating the heads made the drawing easier…. Off with their heads, I say!! I love having control… Of the three drawings one was auctioned, one was sold and the other came home with me. There is one aspect of this art business that eludes me. The fellow who bought the sketch is completely unknown. I forgot to ask his name and his contact information so I could pester him with invitations to other shows. Sigh… It is a good thing I have a husband who provides food and shelter… among other things. Life is good.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Painting in the Dark

If one likes jazz this is the evening of the year!! So fun. CAVA sponsors a fundraising event each January to cover some of the gallery’s expenses inviting several artists and a jazz ensemble to create together. The visual pieces produced by the artists are then auctioned off at the intermissions. I was asked to draw three portraits during the evening, the winning prize of an ongoing raffle for which the patrons purchased tickets. On average I spent about ten minutes with two colours (quinachridone gold and purple) from the Daniel Smith line of watercolour sticks and ended up doing four portraits. It turned out to be a popular item on the agenda! In the meantime I decided to play with some watercolour on the side. As one can see from the less than steady photos, the conditions are not ideal. There are few masterpieces produced, if any, yet people are there for a purpose and the money rolls in. I missed out on most of the delicious food but the wine was good. Life is so good.

P.S. I have been invited to participate in another fundraiser for the Lois Hole Hospital here in Edmonton. It is happening on Saturday. So if you are in town....

Monday, January 18, 2016

Naming Work

There is some discussion about whether or not one should name a painting or a drawing or an installation. Abstracts are often numbered. I like choosing a name. Often, I am told, it allows the viewer to get in the door. Sometimes is closes it. This image came to me while I was meditating one morning. Having a sketchbook beside my bed I leaned over to record the inspiration before continuing contemplation. It stayed in my sketchbook for some time, incubating. This week I decided to develop it as a linocut. I printed around forty images. They are all different. I am in the process of editing (ripping up the less desirable ones). My intention is to enter a certain competition, an ongoing occupation. And the name? To begin with I chose “Never Alone”. Having sat with that for a while I became increasingly aware of the negative energy around ‘never’. Although the image can be challenging my intention is to share the hope. Sometimes I feel all alone, even in a crowd. I am sure everyone experiences this at various times while living life. I have come to know, however, the feeling is fleeting and false. I am not alone. I am “Beloved”. Life is good. 

Don't miss the JazzArt event at Bonnie Doon Community League (9240 93 St Edmonton) this Saturday at 7pm. Should be fun.   

Monday, January 11, 2016


I thought I would share the results of my self-portrait. It must have been the seventh attempt. I am still too large, overwhelming the smaller version of my husband with which it will be coupled. Nevertheless it is done and I am free to embark on other adventures. This afternoon I will be taking in some life drawing. My intention is to concentrate on portraits, portraits of the model and of the participants. I am practicing. I find I am rusty with the art of portraiture. I have two weeks to limber my lack! I have been invited to create three portraits over the course of an evening while some really good jazz is being played. Pierre-Paul Bugeaud and his buddies always provide a delicious musical treat during the event. As usual JazzArt will include several artists who create wonderful pieces for auction at the two intermissions. It is a fundraiser for CAVA. Whoever wins the draw for the raffle will be my model for a pencil portrait, three draws, three portraits. Something a little different, challenging. I am so looking forward to it! Live is good.

P.S. Here is the invitation:

Monday, January 4, 2016

After the Fog

Often this season brings with it a kind of fog. I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and New Year celebrations. It was very different at our house. Among the things that cause the fog is a pervasive insistence on buying and baking instead of just being. It has long been tradition in our world to forgo the buying frenzy. With the exception of the grandchildren we donate what we would have spent on each other to a charity of our choice. Instead of baking this year I spent my time painting walls. No one really missed it. I may make that a tradition too, the no baking I mean. I would rather be in my studio than painting walls or baking calories. So good. During our trip north to visit family for a few days we encountered the other kind of fog. A bit dangerous driving, especially at night, the sun came out in the morning and orchestrated a spectacular display of hoarfrost. So following fog is awesome beauty! I wish everyone awesome beauty in this brand new year as we begin to move again at our normal pace. Don’t forget to stop and be. You’ll miss the spectacular displays if you move too fast. Life is so good.