Monday, October 20, 2014


In my very busy studio I have finally put my tools away. I am beginning to unpack filling the newly made shelves, deciding what to keep and what to throw away, or recycle. It is a distraction. I like order. I like control. I like being able to find what I need when I need it. I am neglecting my priorities. So today I took some time at the computer to make up the invitations for my forthcoming show. I was in a hurry as I wished to print some and deliver a few with the donation of a drawing for a fundraiser this Saturday. When I returned to my computer this afternoon a very diligent soul had informed me I had the address wrong for the venue. Sigh. I drew a breath, cursed and corrected the error. I also resent all the emails and added a few more. I am still not finished. I will hand correct all those I printed before I mail them out. It seems to be a recurring problem. It has been a while since I have formulated the perfect invitation. Perfectionism is a source of dis-ease for me. I have always aspired to be “perfect” as my heavenly father is “perfect”. Tonight I read this kind of perfectionism has more to with compassion than it has to do with flawlessness, a difference between the Hebrew and Greek mentalities. So with that in mind I stood in front of the mirror and compassionately forgave me my limitations. Life is still good.

Two upcoming events:
Star of the North Fundraiser Saturday, 25th October in the Santa Maria Goretti Community Centre 11050 90 St Edmonton at 5:30pm. Tickets are available at

“Invitation: to Life” CAVA 9103 95 Ave Edmonton Friday, 7th November at 7pm. The show runs to the 18th November.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Colours

Fall has been a long-time favorite season of mine. The colours are truly exceptional this year. As the coolness in the air increases the pathways and byways become increasingly littered in drifts of gold leaf, heaped and sprinkled. The tree across the street caught my eye this morning as the sun played patchwork with the branches and the leaf groupings. There are so many possible compositions creating numerous ambiances. Part of the difference lays in the lines the trunks of the trees make. There is a certain dynamic in simple lines. Should we put a line across the page horizontally we create a notion of peace. Perhaps it is a reference to still waters or open fields which are always horizontal. Straight up and down reminds us of trees or fence posts. It takes more energy to remain standing than laying down. Using a diagonal stance creates the most active line. The tree is falling. Diagonals feel like they are moving. Action comics use a lot of diagonal lines when battles are being waged. So of the two photos taken from the same tree which one feels more stable? Which one feels more like dancing? Which one do you prefer? Life is so good.   

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Better Days

My buried framing table

The infamous shelving


I have had better days. Yesterday a friend enquired as to where my blog might be… Well, I had forgotten all about it. She had found me in the midst of a bit of a funk. The morning had not gone well. I had planned on framing a few watercolours and beginning the last in the series… So close to being done! Yes… One of the first things I looked for was the board upon which I install my paintings in order to take a photo reference. I found it. Behind many canvases and boards, it was stuck fast. All I had to do was move some into the storage unit and voilà! Easy, yes? Yes. Things deteriorated after that. So in order to frame my paintings I needed the frames. Most of them have images in them which I just pull out in order to reuse the framing. Ah yes, under another pile of canvases… Easy, yes? No. I moved the canvases into their designated slots and found out the shelves I had installed were a half-inch too low. The top shelving (under construction on roof of the storage unit) was also too small. There was a choice: I could either move the shelves up half an inch to accommodate the canvases or move them up two inches to fit for the framed glass. I decided the former was more efficient. Having moved the shelves I discovered I could only load three of the framed pieces into the upper portion because the two-by-four supporting the storage unit roof was too low. Sigh. Taking the jigsaw, the hand saw and a drill I removed three-quarters of an inch from the two-by-fours in two sections so the watercolours would slide in easily. By this time I was thoroughly frustrated and quite beyond any creative activity. I spent the afternoon installing flooring in the roof of my studio for storage. My watercolour sheet and all my paints are now covered in sawdust. A job for tomorrow. Life is still good.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Fun and Games

I am in Ontario visiting with my Mastermind. This essential ingredient in my life keeps me on track and challenges me to take new directions. We also have a lot of fun. Today we visit Niagara Falls and begin the journey home for another year. We are an unlikely group of friends. When we began four of our group of five declared openly we did not enjoy gatherings of women and had no desire to belong to one. That was six years ago. Since then we have created a mindtrust which allows freedom of word, thought and being. It is a safe place to take off any masks we might be wearing. At times they are gently removed so we might see ourselves more clearly and make better decisions as a result. We have grown so much and we find we are still stepping into new territory each year. There is a school of thought that suggests we have a choice to grow or to die. If we choose to remain where we are, stop learning, stop trying new things we begin to die. In my choice of profession I can see myself growing for a very long time. Life is good.

Monday, September 22, 2014


So did you figure out what was missing? Yes! The reference photo! My imagination had improved the image so I was somewhat disappointed when I actually found it. Nevertheless it did inspire some movement on the watercolour. My progress came to an end with another unforeseen circumstance. Dividing my time between painting and organizing my space I now have all of the heavy pieces and most of the storage cupboards in place. Moving the last significant table into its permanent (I like that word!) location I bent down to install the bolts and discovered light peeking in under the wall. The cement must not be level because the wood of the wall and the floor do not meet. Thinking about how I had installed the shelving with bolts into the studs, how I had put my paper in the storage unit and how heavy my filing cabinets are, I dropped the wrench and walked out. Terribly disappointed again I chose to give myself some space to think and perhaps find a solution that would not involve moving everything away from the walls. Disappointment descended into depression with the realization I would not meet my deadlines and this job is best done before I leave (in case the snow flies before I come back). I am in Toronto for a week beginning tomorrow. I bought some spray foam insulation then sat down and read a book. The respite helped me move back into an attitude of gratitude as I enumerated all for which I am so grateful. The job is done. I did not move anything and there is no more light seeping in through the cracks (no mice, no winter wind!). Life is good.